Fancy Puff Coasters // Free Crochet Pattern

Fancy Puff Coasters // Free Crochet Pattern

Fancy, easy, and adorable - these Fancy Puff Coasters are a beautiful addition to any living room (or any other room of your house for that matter). What's even better? They're super easy to make and will be done in no time!

Because this project uses so little yarn, it's a great stash buster project and an easy one to get a hang of! The coasters look great on any coffee table, side table, kitchen table - wherever you need them really.

Puff stitches aren't the only feature of this coaster - the other part being the beautiful clean border on these! After the puff stitches are complete, using a combination of single crochet stitches and slip stitches, a border will be completed to really give the coaster a nice clean finish.


  • You will need the following:
  • Knit Pick's Dishie Yarn (1 ball)
  • US H/8 - 5.00 mm Hook
  • Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends
  • Scissors

Note on Yarn: While the materials state 1 ball of yarn, you will not need a full ball of yarn. Each coaster comes out to just under 25 yards of yarn - so if you have scraps, all you need is about 25 yards of yarn total!

While not required, I chose to use Knit Pick's Dishie for its wide range of colors, softness, and durability. You can also choose to make this in any other cotton yarn (such has Lily Sugar n' Cream) as well. I've also seen coasters made with acrylic yarn as well, but I personally always choose to use cotton for its absorbency and washability.

Pattern Notes

This pattern uses two main techniques, the magic loop, and an invisible join. The Puff Stitch is also a prominent stitch in this pattern (it's actually our main stitch). You can find written instructions for this stitch below.


Each coaster comes out to about 4.25" in diameter.


Puff Stitch (PS)



  1. Yarn over
  2. Insert hook into stitch
  3. Yarn over, draw a loop through the stitch
  4. Pull yarn to about the height of the chain at the beginning chain of the row or as tall as the previous stitch





  1. Yarn over
  2. Insert hook into stitch
  3. Yarn over, pull up a loop through the stitch, pull yarn to about the same height of the previous stitch




Repeat all steps in **** until there are 11 loops on your hook



  1. Yarn over and pull through all 11 loops
  2. Chain 1 - this completes one puff stitch



  • Ch(s): Chain(s)
  • Sl St(s): Slip Stitch(es)
  • St(s): Stitch(es)
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • TBL: Through Back Loop
  • PSt(s): Puff Stitch(es)


Create a magic ring, Ch 2

Round 1

Inside of your magic ring, 6 puff stitches. Sl St into top of Ch 2. Total 6 puff stitches

Round 2

Ch 2, 1 puff stitch into same St.

In each Ch 1 space between previous round’s puff Sts, 2 puff Sts. This will increase the round. Continue making 2 puff Sts in each of the Ch 1 spaces from previous round until you reach the first Puff St of the round.

1 Puff St in same St as first Puff St. Sl St into top of Ch 2. Each Ch 1 space of the previous round should have 2 puff Sts worked into it. Sl St into top of Ch 2.

Round 2 Stitch Count (12 Puff Stitches)

Note: You can camouflage the Ch 3 at the beginning of the round a bit by working the first PSt of each round behind the Ch 3 bar. It may look funny at first, but it should even out as you continue through the rounds.

Picture depicting how to camouflage the chain 3 at the beginning of each round. Total 12 puff stitches

Round 3

Ch 2, 1 puff St into same St. *In next Ch 1 space between previous round’s puff Sts, 1 puff St. In next Ch 1 space, 2 puff Sts. Repeat from * until you reach the first puff St.

Create 1 more puff St into same space as first puff St of this round. Sl St into top of Ch 2.

Round 3 Stitch Count (18 Puff Stitches)

Round 4

Ch 1, SC into same St. *SC into next 2 Sts. 2 SC into next St. Repeat from * until end of round, SC into same St as first SC of round.

Round 4 Stitch Count & Pattern

Round 5

Loosely Sl St TBL of all SCs from previous row – this will create our final round/border

Completed Border (Round 5)



Well, there you have it! All that's left is to weave in your ends, add any embellishments, and get them to use!


As always, products made from this pattern are sellable, but please do not redistribute or resell any part of this pattern as your own. 

If this pattern is used as part of your sales, please link back to this blog post as credit, or leave a note that the pattern is by Savannah at 99% Coffee. I appreciate it!

Purchase the Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Crochet Pattern || Fancy Puff Coaster
Crochet Pattern || Fancy Puff Coaster
This 8-page Ad-Free PDF includes the instructions for crocheting the Fancy Puff Coaster. This coaster is a great way to learn how to work in the round and is also a fantastic stash buster, with each coaster taking just under 30 yards of yarn each.

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While sales and resales of this pattern are prohibited, please feel free to sell finished products from my patterns!

I do ask that credit is given to Savannah at 99% Coffee if products made from this pattern are sold as well as a link back to this site, if possible!
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