Ridge Mug Sweater - A Go-To Free Pattern for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Ridge Mug Sweater - A Go-To Free Pattern for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Cozy up your coffee mugs this season with this quick Ridge Mug Sweater pattern! Available in 2 sizes - this cozy is perfect for coffee mugs both big and small. Need a more custom fit? Alter the pattern to your liking and you have a truly custom mug sweater for your home!

For this project, I opted to use Loops & Threads Impeccable, though you can really choose to use any of your favorite yarns. Not sure if Impeccable is the yarn for you? Check out my review! Make sure to choose a yarn that is easily washable, however, for general cleaning.


  • 1 skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable or another Worsted Weight Yarn
    • Small size uses approximately 31 yards of yarn (14 g)
    • Large size uses approximately 35 yards of yarn (16g)
  • US H/5.00 mm Hook
  • 1 1" Round Button, or similar size.
    • I used a 1" round button for the large mug sweaters and a slightly smaller button for the small size.
  • Small Tapestry Needle
    • This will need to be able to fit through buttonholes to secure the button to the project.
  • Scissors

Pattern Notes

Small Size

  • Fits an approximately 10.5" circumference, 4" tall coffee mug.
  • When laid flat, comes out to about 5" wide, 3" tall.

Large Size

  • Fits an approximately 11" circumference, 4.5" tall coffee mug
  • When laid flat, comes out to about 5" wide, 3.5" tall.
Both small and large sizes fit while being about 1" shorter than the mug, keeping the area you sip from clear of yarn and fuzzies.

Each turning chain will be a chain of 1. This chain does not count as a stitch, and your first stitch of each round will be done in the same stitch.

Gauge within pattern: 2" = 8 Sts and 5 rows of HDC/HDC T3L pattern.


This pattern starts off as worked in the round and later changes to a flat construction. You will need to know how to attach a beginning chain in the round and will need to know how to create an iCord as well. This is easily convertible into a foundation chain as well, if you prefer that.

The iCord for the button hole is created then sewn via slip stitches into itself to create a nice thick loop to secure your mug sweater over the handle to a button on the other side.

iCord Construction

The iCord is used to create the loop to secure the mug cozy to the top of your coffee mug. It is made while attached to the top of the cozy and is a 2-stitch iCord after row 7(9).

This technique consists of moving stitches on/off your hook to continue a chain of stitches. This chain will end up thicker and rounded off, depending on how many stitches your iCord is done with.

This pattern calls for a 2-stitch technique, so we will be referring to loop 1 (closest to the head of your hook) and loop 2 (stitch farthest from the head of your hook) for the following steps.

Picture showing which loop is loop 1 and which is considered loop 2
  1. Start with 2 loops on your hook
  2. Remove loop 1 and hold to secure (you can use a stitch marker to make this easier)
  3. Yarn over, and draw through loop 2
  4. Replace loop 1 on your hook
  5. Yarn over and draw through loop 1. This completes one count of iCord stitches.

Repeat steps 2 through 5 above until the correct number of stitches is created.

Finished ICord


  • RS: Right Side
  • WS: Wrong Side
  • Ch: Chain
  • St(s): Stitch(es)
  • Sl St: Slip Stitch
  • TBL: Through Back Loop
  • T3L: Through Third Loop (See pictures below for location of this stitch)
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet

Pattern - Small(Large)

Begin with a chain of 36 (38)

Round 1 (Worked in the round): Making sure to keep your starting chain straight and not twisted, Sl St TBL of the first chain, connecting your starting chain in the round.

Chain 1, SC TBL into the same St, SC TBL around the chain. Sl St into top of the first St of the round. Ch 1, do not turn.

From here until the iCord, your project will be worked flat, with turning chains at either end.

Row 2 (RS): HDC into same St. HDC in next 35 (37) Sts, leaving one St of your round 1 unworked. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 3 (WS): HDC into same St, HDC T3L (located on the side facing you) in the next St. Continue HDC T3L until last St of the round, HDC into last St. Ch 1 and turn. The picture below shows the location of the third loop if you get stuck.

Row 4 (RS): HDC into same St. HDC until all Sts have been worked. Ch 1 and turn.

Picture showing where the 3rd loop is located relative to the top 2 "v" stitches you normally work through. You'll know if you did this stitch right if you see the horizontal "V"s on the other side of your work.

Rows 5-6 (5-8): Repeat rows 3 and 4 until 6 (8) total rows have been worked (including 1st round), or until desired height is reached, ending on a row 4 pattern repeat.

Row 7 (9): HDC into same St, HDC T3L until last St. HDC into last St, Sl St into the same St and turn. Do not Ch 1.

The main part of the pattern is now done, the icord will now be created off the top of row 7 (9)

iCord: Insert your hook into the next St and pull up a loop, there should be 2 loops on your hook. Create an iCord 8 Sts long, PM in last St of the iCord.

The iCord after the marker is placed in the 8th stitch.

Create 10 more iCord Sts past the marker, this will be the part of your loop for the button.

In same St as marker, Sl St the first loop of your hook (2 loops still remain on hook). Remove marker. Insert hook into next St, Sl St through all loops on the hook. Sl St in next St.

The finished iCord loop should have a clean tapered look after slip stitching it back on itself.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Final Touches

After all the ends have been woven in and cut, the button will need to be sewn on.

Flip the project so the right side (side with the ridges) is facing outward. Lay the project flat so that the opening is on the left and closed side is on the right. The loop should be on your left.

The project should easily lay flat at this point in time.

Set the button top of the project, between rows 5 and 6 (7 and 8), starting 3-4 stitches in. Sew the button on, tying it on the back of the project to secure and weaving in ends, before cutting the yarn.

Final Notes

After cutting and weaving in your ends, you should be left with the perfect little mug sweater. To use it, just slide your mug in from the top and secure it over the handle with the loop and button to keep the sweater from falling down.

Attach by securing your iCord to the button over your mug handle, keeping the mug sweater in place and stopping it from falling down throughout the day.

These mug sweaters are perfect for last minute craft fair pieces, gifts, or just to make to have around your house. Is your mug a bit bigger or smaller? Play around with starting chain size to make the perfect fit for your mug!

As always, if you have problems or simply want to say hi, leave a comment or visit me on Instagram! If you make these to sell or just to use around your house, tag me on Instagram at @99percent.coffee, I would love to see your finished projects!

Until next time!

Purchase the Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Crochet Pattern || Ridge Mug Sweater
Crochet Pattern || Ridge Mug Sweater
This 7-page Ad-Free PDF includes the instructions for crocheting your own Ridge Mug Sweater! Written in two sizes, this mug cozy is perfect for standard 11- and 14-ounce coffee mugs and can easily be adjusted to be bigger or smaller to perfectly fit your favorite coffee mug. This PDF also includes instructions on special techniques needed to complete this pattern - including creating an attached i-cord.

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I do ask that credit is given to Savannah at 99% Coffee if products made from this pattern are sold as well as a link back to this site, if possible!
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