Flora the Jellyfish - Free No-Sew Crochet Pattern

Flora the Jellyfish - Free No-Sew Crochet Pattern

Flora the Jellyfish is the perfect, no-sew crochet project for spring markets, gifting, and even just as a desk buddy for yourself! With springy, soft tentacles and fun floral adornments, Flora is the perfect mash-up of a flower and jellyfish to help usher in spring this year!

Flora was intended to be added into my spring market lineup - this cuddly, springy toy is sure to be a hit with people of any age, and a great eye catcher!

Flora the Jellyfish in yellow/white/green and a variegated colorset.

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  • Bernat Blanket Yarn
    • ~30-45 g MC (Yellow) - Top of Body
    • ~10-15 g CC1 (Pink) - Petals
    • ~40-50 g CC2 (Green) - Bottom of Body and Tentacles
  • Black Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn, for Embroidered Details
    • <1g
  • 20 mm Safety Eyes
    • Glitter eyes are used in this pattern example
  • Poly Fill or Stuffing of Choice


  • US K/10.5 - 6.5mm Hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Markers (optional)

Pattern Notes

  • Due to some specialty stitches used and general knowledge in amigurumi, this pattern is considered to be intermediate difficulty.
  • This pattern is written in U.S terms.
  • The entire body of the pattern is done in a continuous round, do not slip stitch to close rounds or chain 1 unless instructed otherwise.
  • This pattern is completely no-sew; petals and tentacles are added directly onto the body of the pattern after completion.
  • Use a stitch marker to better keep track of the beginning or end of your rounds.
    • Use stitch markers to mark the post stitches for the tentacles on round 14.
    • Stitch markers may also be helpful on round 12 to keep track of the first and last front loops of the round for the petals.
  • Increase rounds are staggered to help keep a rounder shape on the body of the jellyfish.
  • Color changes should be done by completing the last stitch of the round with the new color.
  • When decreasing, use the invisible decrease technique to make the decreases blend in. If you are unsure about this technique, YouTube has plenty of tutorials for it!


  • Ch: Chain
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • DC: Double Crochet
  • TR: Treble Crochet
  • Sl St: Slip Stitch
  • BLO: Back Loop Only
  • St(s): Stitch(es)
  • MR: Magic Ring
  • DEC: Decrease SC
  • INC: Increase SC
  • MC: Main Color
  • CC1: Contrasting Color 1
  • CC2: Contrasting Color 2



With MC, Create MR.

Round 1 [6 Sts]: 6 SC into MR.

Round 2 [12 Sts]: INC around until all Sts are worked.

Round 3 [18 Sts]: * 1 SC, INC. Repeat from * until all Sts are worked.

Round 4 [24 Sts]: 1 SC, INC, *2 SC, INC. Repeat from * until 1 St remains. 1 SC.

Round 5 [30 Sts]: * 3 SC, INC. Repeat from * until all Sts are worked.

Round 6 [36 Sts]: 2 SC, INC, *4 SC, INC. Repeat from * until 2 Sts remain. 2 SC.

Rounds 7-10 [36 Sts]: SC around (4 rounds)

Round 11 [30 Sts]: 2 SC, DEC, *4 SC, DEC. Repeat from * until 2 Sts remain. 2 SC.

Insert safety eyes between rounds 8 and 9, approximately 8 Sts apart. There should be 6 visible Sts between the eyes when installed.

Flora the Jellyfish Safety Eye Placement

Change to CC2 (Green), fasten off MC.

Round 12 [24 Sts]: * 3 SC BLO, DEC BLO. Repeat from * until all Sts are worked.

Insert stitch markers into the front loops of the first and last St of round 12.

Begin stuffing the body.

Round 13 [18 Sts]: 1 SC, DEC, *2 SC, DEC. Repeat from * until 1 St remains. 1 SC.

Round 14 [12 Sts]: * 1 SC, DEC. Repeat from * until all Sts are worked.

Round 15 [6 Sts]: DEC around until all Sts have been worked.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail to close the jellyfish. Finish stuffing firmly.

Use the front loops of round 15 to close the Jellyfish. Weave ends.

The body is now complete - continue to add petals and tentacles.


With the top of the jellyfish facing towards you, locate the front loop of the first St you marked on round 12.

Using CC1 (Pink), Sl St into the Front Loop found in the instructions above.

Starting in the next St, follow the instructions below. Each petal is a repeat of 3 stitches:

Stitch 1: Ch 1, DC, TR, TR, DC, Ch 1

Stitch 2: Sl St.

Stitch 3: Sl St.

Repeat Sts 1-3 around the whole Jellyfish until 1 St remains. Sl St.

There should be a total of 10 flower petals at the end.

Fasten off and secure, weave in ends.


Turn the project, so the top part (yellow) of the jellyfish is facing away from you, and the bottom (green) is facing towards you.

The tentacles are made in the posts of every other SC from round 14.

It may help to use stitch markers to evenly distribute the 6 tentacles around the bottom of the jellyfish.

Flora the Jellyfish Tentacle Placement

Using CC2 (Green), Sl St into your chosen SC space.

Tentacle 1 [50 Sts]: Chain 26. In 2nd Ch from hook, * INC. Repeat from * until all Sts have been worked. Skip 1 St, Sl St into the next post of round 14.

Repeat Tentacle 1 (above) until there are 6 tentacles total.

Fasten off and tie the beginning and end tail in a knot to secure - weave in ends.

Final Touches - Embroidery

With the front of the jellyfish facing you, locate the direct center of the jellyfish between the eyes.

There should be 2 stitches between the two eyes - we will be embroidering the mouth through either side of these two stitches and the one directly below them.

Flora the Jellyfish Mouth Placement
Using black worsted weight yarn, thread your tapestry needle and insert into your jellyfish and out through the left stitch you found earlier.
Flora the Jellyfish Embroidery - Step 1
Pull through and insert the needle next through the right stitch marked in the first image.
Flora the Jellyfish Embroidery - Step 2
Pull the needle up through the stitch marked below the two points between the eyes. Pull so that you have some shape to the yarn for the mouth.
Flora the Jellyfish Embroidery - Step 3
Going over the mouth yarn left, insert the needle back into the same stitch the yarn was last pulled through and back out the original entry point.
Flora the Jellyfish Embroidery - Step 4
Tug gently on the yarn ends to shape the mouth and fit it snuggly against the toy.
Flora the Jellyfish Embroidery - Step 5
Tie off and tuck in tails - your jellyfish is complete!

Finishing & Tester Creations

With your Flora complete, be sure to tag me on Instagram and my other socials for a chance to be featured on my page! I love seeing all the projects made from my patterns and would love to see yours and how you put your own spin on it as well! ♥

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Crochet Pattern || Flora the Jellyfish
Crochet Pattern || Flora the Jellyfish
This 7-Page Ad-Free Pattern gives you instructions to crochet your very own Flora the Jellyfish. Complete with instructions to create the body, petals, and tentacles - with color-coordinating for color changes and a two column format, perfect for using on mobile devices.

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I do ask that credit is given to Savannah at 99% Coffee if products made from this pattern are sold as well as a link back to this site, if possible!
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