My Top Props and Decor for Improved Crochet Photography

My Top Props and Decor for Improved Crochet Photography

Crochet Photography can be a tricky thing - on one hand, you want to showcase your work to the world. On the other hand, you want to make sure your photos are taken well and to something that suits your style. The good news here is that there's really no end to what you can do to dress up your photoshoots for your work - you just have to get creative!

In the first installment of this budget-friendly series, we took a look at different ideas for backdrops and surfaces to give your photo a clean, interesting background. Now that you’ve chosen your background, it’s time to look more into how to decorate around your focus!

So, what are my top Crochet Photography Prop & Decor tips?

Add Height with Books & Flat Surfaces

Add some height to your project using books and boxes to give your subject some added dimension!

Using books is a great way to add height and dimension to  your photos!

Adding height is a great way to separate your main focus from your background - especially if the background is a bit cluttered. It gives the viewer something to focus on. Think of it like putting a piece of artwork on a pedestal in a museum - the pedestal helps to drive the focus of the view to the subject - the piece of art! The general idea is the same here - but just in a different use case.

Bring the Outdoors to your Crochet Photography with Plants

Use your plants (real or fake) to help liven up the area and bring in some natural aspects to your photos!

Using items like pinecones, greenery, flowers, and even faux greenery is a fantastic and fairly cheap option to adding some seasonal flair to your photos!

You can also use parts of plants - like fall leaves, pinecones, or dried twigs and driftwood to help bring in all the seasonal vibes you’re looking for! In fact, some of my favorite things to use in my photos are plants! They are a great addition of color and, best of all, eco-friendly!

Introduce your Tools and Materials to your Audience

Using the tools you used to make your project - or even the leftover yarn and scraps - is a great way to easily add some decoration while keeping it cheap!

Using your tools and materials is a good way to create a "log-style" photo to showcase what you used to make your piece!

Bonus - these photos are also great to help keep track of what hooks and yarn you used on a specific project! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to look back at my Instagram feed to find out what kind of hook I used for a specific project.

Don’t have any pretty hooks or fancy yarn? Don’t worry about it! If the focus is your project and not your hook, it’ll work just fine!

Pack it Up

No, I’m not talking about your amazon boxes or leftover shipping paper. I’m talking about your brand! Do you use a specific packaging for your items at all? Or how about printables and templates?

Especially in the case where you are promoting a specific brand, using your packaging or price equipment as props is another great way to decorate your background a little bit!

Use your packing materials to showcase how your product would look to potential customers after purchasing from you!

Not only is it great to give potential customers an idea of what your products would look like in their hands, but it’s also a great Behind-the-Scenes shot! Customers and other artists alike love to see the behind the scenes of their items being made - and it’s a great way to show that you are actually who you say you are - a maker!

Coffee, Tea, and Wine - Oh My!

Maybe a bit unconventional - but I absolutely love bringing in my drink of the day - whether it’s coffee, tea, or even something with a little bit more spice, it’s a great conversation starter!

Bonus points if you have an aesthetically pleasing drink!

Upgrade your crochet photography with the addition of some aesthetic coffee and treats!

Another great option is to bring in some of your snacks as well! Especially if you’re trying to show off some of your new handmade kitchen goods! Adding your snacks to kitchen shoots is a great way to really help your potential customers visualize how that item may look in their own home.

Bring in the Home Decor

Saving a pretty obvious one for last - but don’t forget about your normal home décor! Even if you’re not huge into home décor, there’s sure to be something hanging around your home that’s perfect for your photo!

Especially in fall, I love being able to bring in my candles and warmer toned home décor. Best part? Candles offer some amazingly beautiful lighting options!

Using candles and other home decor is a great cost-friendly option to use what you have already laying around you!

Can’t find anything in your home that works? Fear not - check out some local thrift stores for some really good deals on some home décor! And remember to think outside of the box - you don’t always have to use home décor the way it’s meant to be used!

What's your Favorite Crochet Photography Tip?

Hopefully this post gave you some options on what you can do to spice up your crochet photographs to something truly Instagram-worthy!

In next week’s post, we’ll be focusing on the foreground of your photograph! Until then though, be sure to hop on over to Instagram and save the pocket version of this guide to your account for some quick on-the-go inspiration in a pinch!

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