Photographing your Work - On a Budget: The Beginning of a Series

Photographing your Work - On a Budget: The Beginning of a Series

Whether you're looking to photograph your crochet to document on Instagram or just for personal use - taking great pictures is a must! Not only is it a great way to showcase your beautiful work, but it's also a fantastic reminder of what you've accomplished and what you are capable of doing!

I love documenting my crochet work on my Instagram - but there are some projects that I even keep private to myself. I love taking photos of them as I finish so I can remind myself "hey, I did that!" or even just to look back on at a future date for inspiration.

Now - am I an expert? No! There's always room for improvement - for everyone! These are simply some of my favorite tips that I've experimented with and use personally. If you have a tip that I've missed or left out, leave it in the comments for other readers to see!

Because I am planning on going more in-depth on each subject, I've decided to release these as a series of blog posts! This means that, while each part will be a part of this series, they will all be their own blog posts, so you won't have to read other parts that you're not interested in at the time! I will also be releasing these as pocket guide posts on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me there to see those soon as they are live!

Part # Post Title Release Date Link
1 Surfaces & Backdrops 6/12/2023 Link
2 Decoration & Props 7/10/2023 Link
3 Foreground 7/17/2023 TBA
4 Photographing 7/24/2023 TBA
5 Editing 7/30/2023 TBA

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Part 1: Surfaces

Whether you're looking for some flat lay options or looking for something with more depth, there are tons of budget friendly options out there - from using things you already have to DIYing your own solutions, I have some great tips on some of my favorite options in part 1 of this series!

Part 2: Decoration & Props

When you've decided on your surface - it's time to decorate your photograph! From using normal every day household items to even items found outside in nature, there's no need to break your bank on decorations for your photos!

Part 3: Foreground

Sometimes you just need some depth to add to your photos to add a little bit more to your photographs. There's tons of ways to do this - from adding decorations and props or even using items around you to add to the foreground of your photos! This will help create the illusion of added depth to your photos and really help tie in some of the surroundings of your photo together with the main subject.

Part 4: Photography & Lighting

Do you remember the days when you needed to have an actual camera to get beautiful photos of your work? Nowadays thank goodness there's a much cheaper option - using just your phone! In part 4, I explore some of the ways to play with camera angles, focus, and lighting to get your best shot with your everyday phone!

Part 5: Editing

Editing software can be pricy - but it doesn't always have to be! In the final part, part 5, I'll be taking a look at some of the software and free apps that you can use - no subscriptions required!

I hope you're ready for a great few weeks full of some of my favorite tips! If you like this idea and have something in particular you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments down below! Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow when this all kicks off!

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