Kitchen Projects You Can Crochet in Under an Hour

Kitchen Projects You Can Crochet in Under an Hour

When it comes to quick, easy to finish crochet projects, projects for your kitchen are king. 

An assortment of crochet patterns listed in this article.

Not only are kitchen projects generally (not always) small and simple, but they're always useful, no matter who the intended recipient is!

Need a gift for a new homeowner? Potholders and Dishcloths are always great! What about for a bridal shower? Matching kitchen sets are always appreciated!

In this blog post, I've compiled a list of some of my most popular (and favorite) crochet patterns that are perfect for quick, last-minute makes, for any time of the year.

Fancy Puff Trivet

Looking for something that's colorful and unique? The Fancy Puff Trivet may be the one for you! 

Fancy Puff Trivet

The Fancy Puff Trivets (and their counterpart, the Fancy Puff Coaster) are one of my favorite patterns to make for my kitchen! Each trivet takes me under an hour and is a simple enough pattern to memorize quickly - plus they're adorable and look great hanging in my kitchen!

As an added bonus - the thickness of the puff stitch helps to keep these babies thick enough to project my surfaces from heat, but without adding too much bulk to my potholder and towel drawer (because who else hates when the drawer just won't stay shut when you're trying to cook dinner?)

You can find the free pattern for my Fancy Puff Trivet on my blog or purchase the ad-free PDF in my shop!

Modern Moss Potholder

My Modern Moss Stitch Potholder pattern is great if you're looking for something to add just a bit of color to your kitchen!

Modern Moss Stitch Potholder is great for adding just a little color

Using two strands of yarn - one white and one variegated - you can accomplish the marbled look effortlessly! Bonus, it makes this project work up super quick!

As an added bonus - using two strands of yarn also keeps this potholder thick and perfect for protecting your countertops from hot pots and pans.

You can find the free pattern for this project on my blog or purchase the PDF in my shop.

Seamless Scrubby

Every kitchen needs a trusty dish scrubby - My personal favorite being the Seamless Scrubby!

Seamless Scrubby, a Double-Sided Dish Scrub perfect for your kitchen.

The Seamless Scrubby is a double-sided dish scrubby that's perfect for any kitchen. With one side made with your choice of worsted weight cotton yarn and the other side being made with your favorite "scrubby" yarn, it's great for tackling all sorts of messes!

Use the smoother side to wash delicate dishes and the rougher side to get those baked on bits off your pots and pans. When needed, simply toss them in the wash with the rest of your kitchen towels and they're ready to go again!

Best of all - one of these takes just under an hour to make - and no sewing or seaming required!

You can find the pattern for the Seamless Scrubby on my blog for free! You can also find the PDF version in my shop as well.

Fancy Puff Coasters

If you're looking for the perfect match for the Fancy Puff Trivets, these Fancy Puff Coasters are what you need! 

Fancy Puff Coasters

Each coaster only takes me between 15 and 30 minutes to make, and they're a fantastic way to keep water rings at bay on my wood furniture! They're thick and using cotton yarn helps to keep them super absorbent and easily washable. 

You can find the Fancy Puff Coaster Crochet Pattern available for free on my blog. You can also find a PDF version of this pattern in my shop!

Looking for More?

While these are some of my favorite crochet patterns, you can find more of my free patterns on my blog! You can also see the Downloadable PDF counterparts for all my patterns in my pattern shop and find alternative shop links on the page for each of my crochet patterns!

Happy Crocheting ♥

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