Making Waves Dishcloth – Free Pattern for the Beach Lover in You

Recently, I went through a huge phase of re-organizing literally everything in my apartment – the kitchen drawers, my desk drawers, under my bed, under the couch. Including my massive hoard of yarn. 


After I finally got through all 13 boxes or so of yarn, I sat back and looked at my work… wow I had nothing I wanted to make anything with – what the heck?! So I did what any sane person would do in the situation… got more yarn to add to my ever-growing mountain of yarn!


This time, I decided to go with Knit Picks Dishie yarn in a few different colors – Jalapeno, Kenai, White, Verdigris, and Swan. 

Now, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with any of this yarn.. but I do love a good cotton yarn! I’ve actually used this yarn before to make some old pot holders way back when I was first looking into online yarn stores. I find that it knits up really well and is nice and soft – whereas some cotton yarns can come off as scratchy or a bit too stiff for my liking. It also looks fantastic after a good wash – definitely good for kitchen projects!


1 Ball Knit Pick’s Dishie in Swan (C1)

1 Ball Knit Pick’s Dishie in White (C2)

1 Ball Knit Pick’s Dishie in Verdigris (C3)

Finished Dimensions

Approximately 8.5″ x 8.5″

Hook Size

US 6/4.25 MM (G) Hook


Darning Needle for Weaving Ends

So what did I decide to do with this yarn? Naturally, something quick – a dishcloth! This pattern is one I had done previously as well when I was first starting to learn, so it’s one that I’m familiar with, but hadn’t quite figured the details out until today. 


For this project  I wanted to do something a bit beachy. My mom is a traveler and spends a lot of time in the camper going from coast to coast and going out on the boat. I think this will be a perfect addition to her little camper kitchen or even her kitchen at home! Of course you can change the colors to anything else you want – but for this, I’ll be using Dishie in Swan, White, and Verdigris for a pop of color.



Sl St


Single Crochet

Slip Stitch

Color 3




Color 1



Color 2

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is crochet in a 6+4 stitch repeat
  • Cotton, linen, or a blend of cotton and linen works best for dishcloths because of its washability and resistance to melting. Using Acrylic or another synthetic material may cause the dishcloth to melt at high temperatures, while using wool may cause felting.
  • This pattern allows you to pick when to change colors easily – when you see “Change to next color” any color combo will do. I went through C1, C2, and C3, but this could easily have other colors added as well.



Choose a corner to make a loop for hanging the dishcloth. 


Starting in the chosen corner: 1 Sl St, Ch 5, 1 SC into same corner, *SC across work, 3 SC into corner stitch. Repeat from * until you reach the Sl St in the loop corner


Inside of the loop: 9 SC into loop, Sl St into first SC after loop. Cut and weave in ends 

Ch 34 with C1


Row 1: SC through back loop in 2nd chain from hook, and in all chains after


Rows 2-3: Ch1, SC in all St


Row 4: Ch 1, * SC in next 3 St, SC in row below next St, in 4th St, SC into row below current row, in 5th St, SC into 2 rows below current row, in 6th St, SC into row below current row. Repeat from *, ending with 3 SC. 


Rows 5-7: Ch 1, SC in all St


Change to the next color


Row 8: Repeat row 4


Repeat rows 5-8 until desired length – I chose to continue until I have 9 rows of color.


Cut and weave in ends 

Share your Creations!

If you made this, share your projects below, share them on Ravelry, or tag me on Instagram at or with the hashtag #99percentcoffeeprojects! I’d love to see what you make with this pattern and see them in use 🙂


If you have any problems or notice any mistakes in the pattern, please let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them and fix any errors!

  • 6/11/2021 – Originally posted
  • 7/13/2021 – Format changes, Ravelry button updated

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